a day trip to george washington’s birthplace

On black Friday, instead of heading to the mall like normal people, I went to Virginia with my parents to a large flea market called ‘The Barn’. As the name suggests, this flea market takes place every weekend inside of an old barn where different vendors have stalls and sell their various finds. To my mom, who owns an antique shop, this place is like heaven. To me, it’s kind of cold and kind of dusty but every once and a while there is a treasure. It’s also a good excuse for me to hang out with my parents, go on a drive, and get some lunch. And let’s face it, I really do enjoy spending time with them!

On this particular visit to the Barn (there have been many) I learned form my parents that the birthplace of George Washington, the father of our country, was right down the road. I’ve always been interested in history (it runs in the family) and was really excited when they said we could go down the road a bit so I could see it. My parents had been before but hadn’t gone to the visit center or taken the walk back to see the actual site – so we did just that!

The original house is no longer standing and in reality, George Washington only lived there until he was three anyway. But the foundation for the original home is still on the site as well as a newly built replica of what the house would have looked like when he was born. The plantation also includes out buildings and a very well kept garden. Overall it was a great little side-trip!