back from a break

Hello! As you could probably tell, I took full advantage of being off from school and took a vacation from everything that required effort, including blogging! So to say the least, I had a very leisurely and lazy Thanksgiving Break and that’s just the way I like it! Here’s a glimpse into some of the things I did:

{took a late afternoon bike ride and was so enamored by the moon that I stopped to take many pictures}

{made these cute little acorn treats}

{and this delicious apple pie – by the way I am the worst apple peeler ever}

{my mom and I crafted these adorable napkin rings from american bittersweet vine and acorns which we spray painted gold}

{i enjoyed one of these and not pictured, my favorite IBC rootbeer}

{took a day trip to VA with my parents – more on that later this week}

{finished knitting this navy blue scarf for my sister!}

{celebrated my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday over dinner}

*not pictured: hours spent on the couch, watching marathons of friends and duck dynasty (sadly, my parents got me hooked), staying in my pajamas all day, eating leftover pie, doing minimal school work, and going shopping yesterday to avoid the black friday rush. Hope you all enjoyed some time off as well! xoxox