The other night, after FaceTiming with my nieces, a realization struck me – the sun was about to set and that night was a full moon. Shooting up out of my bed, I knew there was only one place I wanted to go – this little secret spot I discovered on one of my many afternoon strolls through the city. One day, I’d stumbled across George Sterling Park, which I soon realized (after climbing three sets of steep stairs) had one of the best views of the Golden Gate in the city. That’s the thing about San Francisco, you always have to work to get anywhere – but once you do it’s 100% worth it – the views from the tops of the hills in this city are breathtaking. After staring at the view for a while, I left the park, and walked uphill even farther until I reached Lombard (aka the windiest road in the world). Instead of walking down it’s twist and turns, I went the opposite direction down Hyde towards Fisherman’s Wharf. I don’t know what made me turn left at the unassuming sidewalk in front of the Norwegian Church, but my life will be forever changed because I did. What seems like a sidewalk leading to nowhere (except someones yard that I was undoubtedly trespassing on) led to an incredible panoramic view of the city like I had never seen before. In the daylight it was spectacular, and that night, with the full moon, I knew it would be even more amazing. I have to say, despite how happy I am with how these pictures turned out, it could never replicate the feeling of standing on that random concrete path in some rich person’s yard and thinking what a magical place this city is and how blessed I am to even witness the beauty it holds.




The beginning of November was a whirlwind for me. After accepting an awesome job offer, I jetted back to the East Coast for the first time in three months to spend some time with my family before the hustle and bustle of the real world began. Ten days at home was just what I needed – I was able to enjoy an early Thanksgiving feast with my family, have a sleepover with my nieces, go out in DC with my best friends from college, and get some quality rest. Perhaps my favorite part of being home (other than driving my beloved yellow submarine) was basking in the glory of the East Coast autumn. On my first full afternoon home, I took a long walk down the road I grew up on, which I used to run all the time when I lived there. Back then, I needed my iPod blaring in order to be motivated enough to run the full three mile loop, but this time I left my headphones at home. After living in a city for a while, something about the quiet stillness of country life is inexplicably appealing and I didn’t want anything to get in the way of me enjoying it.








The weather in San Francisco is sort of always the same. Days are always cool and brisk, the sun always shines at some point, and more often than not, the fog rolls in by mid-evening, blanketing the streets in mist. So when my sister asked the other afternoon on the phone if it was turning to fall here, I couldn’t really say yes or no for sure. It’s kind of always fall here except for the foliage – some leaves change but for the most part, flowers are still blooming and trees are still green. But yesterday morning, I made a point of taking a really long stroll around the city to see what true signs of fall I could find. And I’m happy to report that I found stoops decorated with pumpkins, mums planted in flower pots, and fake spiderwebs lining the bushes – just like back East.











On black Friday, instead of heading to the mall like normal people, I went to Virginia with my parents to a large flea market called ‘The Barn’. As the name suggests, this flea market takes place every weekend inside of an old barn where different vendors have stalls and sell their various finds. To my mom, who owns an antique shop, this place is like heaven. To me, it’s kind of cold and kind of dusty but every once and a while there is a treasure. It’s also a good excuse for me to hang out with my parents, go on a drive, and get some lunch. And let’s face it, I really do enjoy spending time with them!

On this particular visit to the Barn (there have been many) I learned form my parents that the birthplace of George Washington, the father of our country, was right down the road. I’ve always been interested in history (it runs in the family) and was really excited when they said we could go down the road a bit so I could see it. My parents had been before but hadn’t gone to the visit center or taken the walk back to see the actual site – so we did just that!

The original house is no longer standing and in reality, George Washington only lived there until he was three anyway. But the foundation for the original home is still on the site as well as a newly built replica of what the house would have looked like when he was born. The plantation also includes out buildings and a very well kept garden. Overall it was a great little side-trip!

Hello! As you could probably tell, I took full advantage of being off from school and took a vacation from everything that required effort, including blogging! So to say the least, I had a very leisurely and lazy Thanksgiving Break and that’s just the way I like it! Here’s a glimpse into some of the things I did:

{took a late afternoon bike ride and was so enamored by the moon that I stopped to take many pictures}

{made these cute little acorn treats}

{and this delicious apple pie – by the way I am the worst apple peeler ever}

{my mom and I crafted these adorable napkin rings from american bittersweet vine and acorns which we spray painted gold}

{i enjoyed one of these and not pictured, my favorite IBC rootbeer}

{took a day trip to VA with my parents – more on that later this week}

{finished knitting this navy blue scarf for my sister!}

{celebrated my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday over dinner}

*not pictured: hours spent on the couch, watching marathons of friends and duck dynasty (sadly, my parents got me hooked), staying in my pajamas all day, eating leftover pie, doing minimal school work, and going shopping yesterday to avoid the black friday rush. Hope you all enjoyed some time off as well! xoxox