DIY Pom Pom Garland

So ever since I’ve had this blog I’ve been doing a weekly feature on Wednesday’s that gives you a little glimpse into my life and what’s been going on lately. My hiatus from blogging last week interrupted that pattern and today I’m too excited to show you my latest crafting project to do another ‘my world wednesday’ post. Oh well!

I’ve been seeing pom poms all over the internet forever now! Martha Stewart Living even did a whole feature on using pom poms in decor last month. I had seen something on Pinterest about how to make pom poms with a fork and after many attempts, had given up on my pom pom dreams. It’s harder than it looks people!

So along came the Saturday after Thanksgiving when my Dad dropped me off at Michael’s while he ran over to the local Lowe’s. I wanted to buy yarn for a new scarf I’m making and while I was perusing the needles I saw this little gadget called a pom pom maker. At first, I was skeptical because I’d struggled so much with the whole fork ordeal. But I ended up buying the maker and have been so pleased ever since! I recently made this garland to give my apartment some holiday cheer and knew I had to share with you guys!

DIY Pom Pom Garland:

Start with these materials; a ball of yarn (I used a cranberry color because I was making a Christmas garland but you could use any color), scissors (make sure they’re pretty sharp so they cut the yarn well), hemp twine, and a pom pom maker (which I  got at Michael’s)

Start by wrapping the yarn around the prongs of the pom pom maker. There are two sets of prongs and you’ll want to wrap the yarn completely over one set…

Before moving on to the next. Wrap the yarn completely around both sets so that you have a full circle

Cut the yarn so it’s no longer attached to the rest of the ball of yarn

Take your scissors and cut down the middle of each side of the maker. This is when it’s super important to have sharp scissors. I tried cutting with at least three pairs before I found a pair that were sharp enough to cut the yarn yet small enough to maneuver the pom pom maker

Take a piece of yarn or string and tie the pom pom together. Make sure you double knot it!

Open both pairs of prongs to release your pom pom

Pop open one side of the pom pom maker and pull the pom pom out

Trim the sides to make sure they’re even and then roll back in forth in your hands to fluff the pom pom. Then viola, you’re done! Repeat those steps until you have enough to make a garland.

To make the garland I used a plastic needle that came with a knitting kit I have. It has a big hole for the twine to go through so it makes it easy to use for garlands. Take a long piece of hemp twine and feed it through the needle

Thread the twine through the center of the pom pom and gently move it down to the end of the twine. Repeat with desired number of pom poms

Then you’re done! The finished product is so cute, easy, and versatile!

One of the many garlands I plan on making now hangs behind my couch! xoxox